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Expert Therapeutic Care for Anxiety, Trauma, Eating Disorders, and more

Welcome to Nourish.

We help individuals with eating disorders, anxiety, and/or a history of trauma

find increased peace and freedom so that you can live a fuller, less encumbered life.

Maybe you've spent too much of your life worrying about what you are 'allowed' to eat in a given day--

hiding your dysfunctional relationship with food from friends and family--

obsessively weighing and letting the number determine your mood.


it can get better.



Maybe you had a difficult childhood, or a traumatic event or events in your adult life that left you feeling unsafe and/or unworthy.

Maybe you can't shake the feeling that you're fundamentally broken. 

There is help. 

 Dr. Rebecca Kuhns (she/her/hers), an experienced psychiatrist, provides psychotherapy and

medication management services in this  specialty mental health practice

located in Durham, North Carolina. 

If you know it's time to take the step of seeking professional guidance-

  we'd love to hear from you. 



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 Rebecca Kuhns, MD

Hi, I'm Dr. Kuhns.

I was trained in the model of the therapist as a 

 'blank slate', but that's no longer my style. I've

come to believe that  it can actually be  helpful

for clients to know a little about their




Who knows her grandmother's mac n'cheese

recipe by heart. (yum.)





And- I'm also a doctor who knows big feelings. Who knows a mean inner voice that swears that the size or shape of your body is directly linked to your self worth. I know the reality of a world that can be cruel to so many who 'don't fit'. Oh- and the trap of overcompensating via performance, via people pleasing, via control? I know these things deeply. 

I also know some other things.


  I know that shame, and eating disorders, and deep anxiety, are liars. And I've learned not to believe them.


My personal journey of leaning into disbelief is probably my most meaningful credential. 

I have other, fancier, credentials too, if you'd like those.

Like my education and training:

  • B.Sc., Yale University

  • MD, University of North Carolina 

  • MSPH, UNC Gillings School of Public Health

  • Psychiatric residency at UNC Hospitals

  • Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Or my experience:


I've worked as a consulting psychiatrist in hospitals, have completed thousands of client hours, continuing education, and supervision as a therapist, and I've served as medical director of the outpatient arm of an eating disorders treatment center. I'm a member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP.) 


But -- I'm guessing what you care most about is whether I can help you.

Maybe  you struggle with your relationship with food in a big way.

(Maybe you call it an 'eating disorder', and maybe you don't.)

Maybe you struggle with being a racial or cultural minority in a society that seems to

invalidate your existence at every turn. 

Maybe you don't understand why you can't just 'leave the past in the past'. 


If any of this sounds familiar- yes. I can help. 

you do not have to hold it all alone.

I am trained and experienced, and this healing space is here for you.

I am also currently welcoming clients seeking medication management services, who are already working with another therapist.

If it sounds as if we may be a good fit, please click below to register for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation. (It's HIPAA compliant- I'll always keep your personal information secure.)


 I look forward to speaking with you!

Interested in hearing more? Listen to me discuss my work in an interview, here.


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