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Q: I thought psychiatrists only prescribed medication. Can a psychiatrist be my therapist? 

A: Psychiatrists were the first therapists the world ever knew!  All psychiatrists receive extensive training in therapy.  These days, it's admittedly becoming more of a rarity to have your therapy, and possibly medication management if that's needed, provided by one person- a psychiatrist. But it's a model that can lead to immensely satisfied clients.  One benefit of choosing a psychiatrist as your therapist is that the same person can serve two roles on your treatment team. A psychiatrist can provide therapy, as well as being able to supplement your therapeutic work with  medications as needed.

Q: Is Nourish the right fit for me? 

A:  Potentially! We are a  specialized mental health practice. Please read below for a more complete picture of the needs we serve. Clients generally come to Nourish to seek therapy, medication management services, or both.

Nourish therapy clients may be looking  to heal from :

  •  eating disorders or a disordered relationship with food

  • issues of  trauma and/or shame 

  • anxiety and stress, particularly as experienced by healthcare professionals, parents and others in high-demand positions

  • therapy clients can also expect to  receive pharmacotherapy for co-occuring mood disorders and ADD/ADHD when they occur with one of the above conditions.

Nourish medication management clients may be seeking:

  • a psychiatrist to be part of an interdisciplinary team of eating disorder professionals, if they already have a therapist. 

  • management of a mood disorder

  • management of an anxiety disorder

  • management of OCD

  • Nourish is generally not the best fit for clients seeking 'standalone' medication management for substance use disorders, ADD/ADHD​, or psychotic disorders. 

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We are currently out-of-network with all insurance plans. We anticipate joining the BCBSNC network (PPO, HMO,

     State Health Plan, out of state BCBS) sometime in May 2020.


 We feel strongly that quality care is a valuable investment. We also feel strongly that quality care should be accessible to as      many individuals as possible. Our fees are set in such a way as  to reflect this dual reality. Out of network care via our practice may potentially fit into your monthly expenses more seamlessly than expected. Please send an email to           to request a copy of our most updated fee schedule.

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