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psychiatric medication management

 Caitlin Tillberg, MD

meet Dr. Tillberg:

Taking the first step to meet with a psychiatrist can be intimidating. It’s normal to wonder, “Can I tell you what’s really going on?” 


Dr. Tillberg wants to hear what you have to say. She is especially skilled in speaking with young adults and others who may be nervous or ambivalent about working with a psychiatrist for the first time, or who have had a discouraging past experience with mental health care. However, she greatly enjoys working with a variety of patients, providing thoughtful, evidence-based care for adults into mid-life and beyond. 


She can provide diagnosis and treatment for conditions including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, and ADHD. She has a particular specialization in reproductive and perinatal psychiatry, for all genders. Within eating disorders, she appreciates the Health at Every Size framework and body neutrality, and has a particular interest in binge eating disorder.


Dr. Tillberg welcomes and affirms LGBTQ+ patients, including transgender and non-binary persons, as well as autistic and neurodivergent people. She strives to recognize and respect the challenges facing people coping with oppression (for example, on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, disability, legal history, etc., and their intersection).


She holds a BA in music and cognitive science from Oberlin College (Ohio), an MD from Quinnipiac University (Connecticut) with distinction in medical humanities, and completed psychiatry residency at the Duke University Health System.


Hobbies: Dogspotting, sending handwritten postcards to family and friends.

schedule my appointment

(919) 241-1032 

We will respond with next steps within 1-2 business days. 


payment and insurance 

Most BCBS plans accepted, including PPO, HMO, State Health Plan, Student Blue.(Out of network with  Blue Home, Blue Local, Blue Value.)

Also acceptedself-pay, out-of-network. 

(payment due at time of service for out-of-network option. More information regarding fees.)

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